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Welcome to Twilight Petz

We are a Petz4 site located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest
All petz are backwards compatible with Petz3 and are able to be imported to Petz5

Check out our other sites as well

Updated : 2/9/13
Added some links :)
We have some new sister sites, Still Water Cattery & Kennel and Ohana Kennels
Updated my crew
Thank You Jax for gifting me with Kermit & Gonzo! :)

Updated : 1/31/13
Just wanted to let everyone know that I've officially opened a new petz forum!

I'd like to start hosting weekly EBW shows so long as enough people are willing to participate! (Need at least 5 people!)

Also, if you've checked out my hex archive, you may have noticed that my Cupcake Persions are available exclusively on this forum. There are currently 3 catz available, so please stop on over, sign up, and adopt one today. It's just a quick app and I don't have any plans on rejecting anyone :) Other eyecolors and slight modifications may be available upon request there.
I plan on hexing some more exclusive content too.

The forum also offers an automated money stystem which I have called TREATS. By automated I mean you don't have to keep track of anything of purchases and sales and add/remove your money from a text base account. You simply transfer TREATS to that person if you make a purchase and everything's done! You can earn treats by winning/hosting shows and winning the lottery or by opening up your own shop and selling stuff. This is only the beginning. I am very open to new ideas and suggestions or if anyone would like to help out with anything, just drop me an email.

More great stuff coming soon there!!!
Please visit and sign up :)

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